Intensive driver training courses

Learn to drive quickly with intensive courses

I offer a range of intensive driving courses for people who want to obtain their licence quickly. These are tailored to suit the requirements of the trainee and can range from a short session which would probably suit someone who has just failed their test to a complete novice who just wants to get "on the road" quickly.

I should emphasize that the most important thing about learning to drive is not passing your test but being able to drive safely with consideration to other road users when you do get you licence.

What is an intensive driving course?

Intensive driving lessons are a route some people take who want to get their licence as quickly as possible. These can sometimes be daily lessons between two and five hours long, and typically two weeks. If the idea of going from total beginner to being qualified to drive in just two week rings alarm bells, then you're not alone. Whilst it is technically possible to pass your test after two weeks of lessons I definitely don't recommend it. There is a whole lot of difference sitting in a training vehicle, fitted with dual controls and guided by your instructor, to being let loose in the centre of a city on your own.

How soon can I apply for my test?

When you apply for your practical test, there’s no minimum requirement for hours of practice, or number of lessons taken. You just need to have a provisional licence, and proof that you’ve passed your driving theory test. This is all very well but for the reasons I've outlined above, can be very dangerous. In addition you have the problem of actually getting a test date as these slots are dependant upon what the UK government of the time may do. It's not uncommon for test centres to be booked well in advance.

If all this sounds very negative I can offer a solution. Before you even think about an intensive course, let me assess you on a proper lesson. From that I can estimate with reasonable accuracy, what sort of intensive course is right for you and I can also make sure it ties up with a test date. The courses shown below will give you some idea of the duration that you need.

Please note these are suggested course durations and are dependant upon an assessment during a lesson. If you would like more information on intensive driver training courses, please contact me to discuss matters further


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